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The City of Reedsport passed a seasonal 3 cent per gallon gasoline and on road diesel tax.
The tax will be charged from 7/1/16-10/31/16, and then starting in 2017 from 5/1-10/31.
This tax doesn't apply to off road diesel purchases.
This city tax, like all others, will be broken out under miscellaneous taxes on your CFN statement.
Any questions about the city tax for CFN transactions can be directed to Connie Ellis in the cardlock department at 541-688-8211 x255

Customer online access has been restored!!
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
If you have any questions please contact Connie Ellis in the cardlock department at 541-688-8211 x255 or via email at

Year End Statements
Now that tax season is upon us, don't forget about the annual usage reports available online!
Click on the "Statement" link, then scroll to the bottom to the group of additional links and click on "Annual CFN Purchases".
The default report is all of 2015 by card, but you might also find the Taxes breakdown helpful.
Remember you can either click the View/Print button to bring the report up in a separate window for printing or click Download the information to Excel for emailing or importing into your billing system.

CFN Transaction Delays 1/20/16
CFN has experienced some delays with some transactions from 1/19/16.
CFN will get this corrected and will include them with tomorrow's transaction file.
The transactions will show up with an "Actual Transaction Date 1/19/16" message on your account.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

As you may be aware, the United States Post Office recently changed the way they have been processing mail in our area resulting in delays for both what we send you as well as the payments you send us.

We appreciate your business and would like to take a moment to let you know we offer a few options to help alleviate this potential inconvenience:
• To help with the delay in sending us mailed checks, we offer automatic electronic payments. We will send you a notification 2 business days before the balance is due showing how much we will be automatically taking out of your bank account and on what business day. Please visit our website at for the automatic payment form. Sylvia Williams in our Accounts Receivable department can help with any automatic payments questions. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 541-688-8211 ext 243 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
• To receive your invoices/statements faster, please take advantage of our online account access. The information online is the same as you’d receive in the printed mailed version, it just may look slightly different. If you haven’t signed up for online access yet, look for the instructions printed on the first page of your statement. As an added bonus, we have the option to only provide paperless statements if you want to expedite your statement availability AND reduce paper at the same time! Connie Ellis in our Cardlock department can help with any online account questions. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 541-688-8211 ext 255 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

As autumn leaves begin to fall, gasoline prices will likely continue their decline but possibly at a slower rate.

The national average retail price for regular gasoline rose slightly during the past week to $2.29 per gallon, after 37 consecutive days of declines, according to Washington, D.C.-based AAA. In fact, prices fell 20 cents per gallon (CPG) over the past month thanks to low crude prices, slowing demand in the United States and a seasonal move to winter-blend gasoline, which is less expensive to produce.

On average, national retail gasoline prices are down $1.05 per gallon from the same time last year, and at their lowest level since 2004, according to AAA.

Industry observers expect a busier-than-normal refinery maintenance season this fall because the facilities had been running at longer, above-average rates this past summer. Gasoline price declines might slow and even reverse direction as maintenance gets into full swing this fall. But AAA expects the current oversupply of gasoline to keep prices relatively low.

Our offices will be closed on Monday September 7, 2015 in observance of Labor Day.
You can drop off payments through the payment drop slot to the right of our main office doors at 2690 Prairie Road and they will be posted to your account Tuesday morning.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!!

Construction Update
Although the main construction in front of our office is over, please be advised they will continue paving activity on Irving for the next few weeks. Drive carefully!!

Knife River will be repairing Irving Road between Hwy 99 and Prairie starting Tuesday 8/18/15
The North entrance to our facility will be affected through Monday 8/24/15. There will be moments where the driveway will be accessible during the project but expect delays.
The East (Prairie) driveway will be accessible the entire time. Only the Irving driveway will be impacted.

A drop in crude prices is going to pull the average retail price for gasoline this summer to a six-year low.

That’s the latest projection in the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) July Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO). EIA expects retail gas prices this summer—covering the months of April through September—to average out at $2.67 per gallon. Adjusted for inflation, this would be the lowest average price since 2009.

Stay cool in this 90 plus degree heat! Remember to stay hydrated and wear your sunscreen.
What can you do to improve your fuel economy in this hot weather?
Hot weather can actually increase your fuel economy. Your engine warms up to an efficient temperature faster; summer grades of gasoline can have slightly more energy; and warm air causes less aerodynamic drag than cold air. However, keeping passengers comfortable in hot weather by rolling down the windows or using the air conditioning (AC) can reduce fuel economy.
Running your cars AC is the main contributor to reduced fuel economy in hot weather.
You can help avoid reduced fuel economy by only using the AC at highway speeds and roll the windows down at slower speeds.
Don't use it more than necessary and park in the shade or use a sunshade
You can also drive with the windows down for a short time initially before using the AC as letting the hot air escape will put less demand on the AC and cool the car faster.
Lastly, you can turn the AC on AFTER you begin to drive as most AC systems are most efficient while the car is moving.

Here are some highlights of a new fuel price outlook for the upcoming summer:
The summer of 2015 will likely see the lowest gasoline prices in more than a decade.
In its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecast shows regular gasoline retail prices averaging $2.45 per gallon for the April-to-September 2015 summer driving season. This compares to a national average of $3.59 per gallon for this same time period in 2014.
This would save the average U.S. household about $700 in 2015 versus 2014, EIA estimates, with annual motor fuel spending set to drop to its lowest level since 2004.
On a regional basis, the Gulf Coast would see the lowest summer average retail gasoline price at $2.25 per gallon, with the East Coast, Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions all at $2.41 per gallon. EIA forecasts a West Coast summer average of $2.82 per gallon.

UPDATE-CFN has appeared to have resolved their communication issues as of 10:25am
CFN is experiencing intermittent nationwide authorization/communication issues.
They are aware and are working on the problem, we apologize on their behalf for the delay in service.
Thank you for your understanding!

Effective immediately, the CFN station located at 1355 West 1st in Eugene, OR is CLOSED.

Gas prices have begun to increase due to a series of refinery issues in the Midwest and because crude oil prices are trading at more stable levels following a multi-month selloff. Still, retail pump prices remain at their lowest prices in nearly six years with the national average at its lowest price since May 2009 and Oregon's at its lowest level since March 2009.
Gas prices are expected to rise as usual in the coming months due to refinery maintenance, the switch to the more expensive and cleaner burning summer fuels, and the seasonal increase in demand. Retail pump prices typically increase 30 to 50 cents during the spring run-up. Over the last five years, gas prices in February have risen by an average of 22 cents per gallon.
However, global oil prices continue to register multi-year lows with supply outpacing demand, and barring any events that cause the global price to increase substantially, AAA expects that the U.S. average will remain below $3 per gallon throughout 2015.
**source AAA Oregon/Idaho

Please contact the office if you would like a printout of your 2014 fuel purchases. Annual reports are also available through your account on our website. Once logged in, click STATEMENT, and then scroll down to the bottom and you will see ANNUAL CFN PURCHASES. Let us help you make your tax preparation a little easier!

Effective May 1st, the Pilot Truck stop (sites 1235/6099) will no longer be part of the CFN Network.
Pilot is still a Fuelman accepting site and your CFN Fleetwide card will still work there, but it will no longer be priced the same as a normal CFN transaction.
Any questions please contact the office.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your business.

Please be aware that CFN product code 44 Regular Unleaded 9.8% Ethanol (UL/E9) has been replaced with 34 Regular Unleaded 10% Ethanol (ULE10), Midgrade 45 (UM/E9) has been replaced by 35 (UME10) and Premium 46 (UP/E9) has been replaced with 36 (UPE10).
The non ethanol premium gasoline is still 06. Any further questions please contact the office!