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What is Cardlock?

Cardlocks are automated, unattended fueling sites designed for commercial fleet vehicles. They have excellent accessibility for larger commercial trucks and are more convenient and efficient than retail fuel sites. Cardlocks save you time which saves money by getting your drivers back on the road again quickly.

What does CFN stand for?

Commercial Fueling Network

How can I apply for an account?

Anyone may apply for a diesel only account, but there are three requirements by the State of Oregon that need to be met in order to qualify for a gasoline account. The State requires you must be an active business or farm and provide acceptable documentation proving so, purchase a minimum of 900 gallons of fuel in a 12 month period and the gasoline must only be used for that business or farm and not for personal use. If you have further questions about qualifying for an account please contact our cardlock department. Otherwise please download our Business or Consumer application.

How long does it take to get my cards?

Once we have the completed application back it usually takes 5-7 business days. We do everything we can to make sure your cards are in your hand as soon as possible!

Where can I use my new CFN Fleetwide card?

Your CFN Fleetwide card is accepted anywhere you see the CFN or Fuelman logo. For a complete list of accepting locations please visit the CFN Nationwide Site Locator.

How can I pay my bill?

We can accept cash, credit or check payments at our main office in Eugene. We also accept credit card payments over the phone during business hours and have an automatic payment option available. You can set up electronic bill pay through your banking institution and they will send us a paper check as well.

Do you have clear non ethanol gasoline?

Yes!! We have non ethanol premium gasoline at our Prairie Rd location here in Eugene as well as Junction City, Veneta, Sutherlin, Airport Road in Roseburg and also Springfield. We have a complete list of establishments that sell non ethanol gasoline.

Is using cardlock less expensive than retail stations?

Not all of the time, but using CFN is a more convenient way to fuel. Our prices change every day as needed with the market whereas retail stations will change prices when they get new loads of fuel which could be every few days or few weeks depending on the station. Also, stations associated with grocery/retail stores are called hypermarket and they purchase their fuel and sell it less than cost to get people into their stores where they make their profits. The cardlock saves you time which saves you money. For example, if you were making minimum wage and went to Costco to save 12 cents a gallon, it is only $1.92 in savings for a 16 gallon transaction, but it cost you $4.40 in wages to sit in line for 30 minutes. Average cardlock transactions are about 5 minutes. You are in and out and back on the road a lot faster, and production is improved.

How many locations do you own and operate?

We have 12 stations in the Pacific Northwest and continue to make acquisitions towards growing our network. Please visit our locations page or the CFN Nationwide Site Locator for more information.

How many cards can I have on my account?

As many as you need! You can issue cards to drivers or assign them to specific vehicles. For PUC, or Oregon State Tax Exempt diesel trucks, you must have them assigned and labeled a certain way. Please contact our office for more information.

Do you charge an annual or startup fee for cardlock?

No. However, we do have a finance charge for late payments. Please call our credit manager at extension 243 for any questions regarding late payments or finance charges.