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Join our Cardlock-CFN Fleetwide

The Jerry Brown Company is one of the largest CFN Participants in the state of Oregon.  We own and operate 12 locations in Oregon and the CFN Fleetwide card gives you access to over 35,000 more across the United States and Canada.  Whether you are traveling in Lane County, up and down the west coast or across the nation we have you covered with CFN Fleetwide.

CFN stations are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, well maintained and are easily accessible.  Your CFN Fleetwide card also grants you access to any service station that accepts the Fuelman card.  Fuelman accepting locations are in conjunction with retail sites.

Your Jerry Brown cardlock statement includes:

  • Card Number                      
  • Transaction Date/Time                                   
  • Type/Quantity of Fuel
  • Vehicle Number                                  
  • Location
  • Price per Gallon                
  • Tax breakdown                  
  • Miles per Gallon*
  • Cost per Mile*

(*must use correct odometer reading to obtain accurate breakdown)

The CFN Fleetwide card offers you the most advanced optional card controls in the industry;
  • Online access to activity on our website
  • Email receipts and other exception reporting
  • Custom PIN
  • Time and Day of week fueling limits available
  • Gallon and transaction limits per day

JBCO CFN Account Online Access

Do you want to monitor your CFN card purchases?  Use the key printed on your statement to set up your online access. Once you have account access you can:
  • Review charges and payment activity
  • View billed and pending transactions
  • View/Print statement online
  • Download fuel transactions
  • View most current CFN station prices
  • View EFT notifications

Want to Accept CFN Fleetwide cards or Open a CFN Station?

The Jerry Brown Co., Inc. can help in the co-development or branding of CFN sites since we are one of the largest CFN participants in Oregon.  Please see our Retail Support page for more information.