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Cardlock Applications

Anyone may apply for a diesel only account. The State of Oregon has no special requirements for diesel only accounts.

For a gasoline account there are some requirements by the State of Oregon that need to be met in order to qualify. You must be an active business or farm and provide proof of acceptable documentation proving so. You must purchase a minimum of 900 gallons of fuel in a 12 month period, and the gasoline must only be used for that business or farm and not for personal use.

If you have further questions about qualifying for an account please contact our cardlock department, otherwise please download one of the following applications. Once we have the completed application you will have your cards in 5-7 business days!

Automatic Payments

Are you constantly on the road? Is mailing your payment on time a hassle? Our credit department can set you up with automatic payment from a checking or savings account. Contact our credit department for details or complete and submit the form below: